The Police Federation of Australia is a federally registered trade union which represents over 66,000 sworn police officers throughout the nation. It speaks to the Federal Government on behalf of members across the country, and is recognized as the national voice of police.

Every Australian police officer who belongs to his or her state, territory or federal police union is, by virtue of that membership, a member of the PFA.

Australia’s eight police union presidents make up the executive board of the PFA but remain the heads of their respective unions.

A team of appointed staff, led by a chief executive officer, runs the PFA’s Canberra office and implements policy at the direction of the board.

The board made the decision to implement a plan for realizing the PFA’s goals and objectives, as well as how to meet challenges and avoid potential risks.

This document acts as the road map for that plan, and will assist the federation’s office bearers and staff to ensure the PFA remains a strong, goal-oriented organization focused on the best possible outcomes for Australian police officers.

Ian Leavers

Click here to download PFA Strategic Plan 2022 – 27