Following today’s Queensland Labour Day announcement of significant fertility entitlements by the Queensland Government, QPU and Police Federation of Australia President Ian Leavers congratulated the Premier on listening to his advocacy on behalf of frontline police.

“This has been a goal which all policing jurisdictions have wanted for over a decade. We have campaigned that there should be a ‘catch up option’ for when women in particular take time out of the workforce when having children. Today’s announcement delivers even better outcomes than what we asked for and will also ensure that women will not be penalised for taking time out when having a child and give them the ability to have the same superannuation entitlements as their male counterparts and it’s only right that they should be able to retire with the same superannuation as their male counterparts!”

The full Queensland Government media release from this morning – Miles Government leads nation with new reproductive health leave entitlements – Ministerial Media Statements

PFA and all State & Territory Police Unions & Associations will continue their strong advocacy with their own jurisdictions to ensure all officers across Australia will receive this fair and necessary workplace entitlements reform.


6 May 2024