The results of the largest survey undertaken by the PFA are out.

The aim of the survey was to generate a detailed picture of police working patterns and workplace issues, with special reference to work-life balance and flexible working arrangements (FWAs).

The findings are the result of the largest online survey of Australian and New Zealand police ever conducted. Members of all Australian state, territory and federal forces were given the  90-question survey, and 11,418 police officers – 16.5% of the combined police forces at the time of the survey responded.

Evidence shows that FWAs can mitigate many of the work stress factors affecting policing; which in turn will help to address the high rates of absenteeism in the workforce.

According to the results of the survey,  FWAs are increasingly expected and needed by more police officers and making FWAs work need to be proactively, constructively and consistently addressed across the whole police force.  Failure to do so will lead to the loss of many highly trained police personnel and the degradation of police workplaces through stress and failure to meet the basic needs of staff.

The survey has generated a comprehensive and unique dataset on police working arrangements which will serve the Police Federation of Australia and its branches into the future.

For a copy of the report FLEXIBLE WORKING SURVEY FINAL