The federal government has announced $1M of funding to assist a Police Federation of Australia (PFA)

campaign designed to promote awareness of police officers facing mental health challenges.

The campaign will promote awareness, understanding, prevention and early intervention of mental health

issues through print, television, social media, Apps, workshops and the production of a documentary styled


PFA president Mark Carroll said the organisation appreciated the government’s timely boost to the campaign.

“The funding is going to help us increase public awareness of the mental ill health among police officers,” he


“Over the course of a police career, the serious incidents a police officer investigates can have a lasting – and

damaging – psychological effect.

“This work environment, coupled with a culture that values stoicism and self-reliance, can adversely impact

upon the officer’s mental health, and contribute to high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder and


“As the cost of psychological injuries continue to rise, jurisdictions are using resources that could otherwise be

used on crime prevention and law enforcement measures.

“Growing this awareness and understanding– and doing away with the stigma that surrounds mental ill health

– will require a significant cultural change right across our profession.

“This sort of cultural change will require a comprehensive, sustained and integrated program of work. This

funding will help the PFA to meet that challenge.”

The campaign has the full support of all the nation’s state and territory police unions.